When the dog does not react to its name

When a dog does not respond to his name

While training dogs I noticed that the real trouble – and this, unfortunately, not only in doggy daycare, that is in younger puppies, is the lack of reaction of the dog to his name – man.

How to teach your dog his name?

1. Start by saying the dog’s name and reward the dog whenever he pays attention to you. It is good to reinforce this exercise with a clicker.

2. Call your dog to you every now and then by saying his name and command ‘walk’, ‘to me’, ‘leg’ whether you use any. Reward every time he comes.


1. Do not physically punish your dog by shouting his name.

2. Don’t reward a dog that comes to you uncalled. E.g. having 2 dogs, when you call Burk and Azor comes, don’t reward Azor or both dogs, only Burk.