Why a dog SHOULD NOT sleep in a bed with a child

Why a dog SHOULD NOT sleep in bed with a baby?

The strong bond that develops between humans and dogs often leads to situations where the animal is treated as an equal with other family members. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, as long as it does not blur the boundary between the human and animal worlds. A classic example of such a controversial relationship is sleeping with a dog in one bed. It is an individual choice of each owner, but it should be emphasized that a dog absolutely should not sleep in one bed with a child. Why? We list the most important arguments in our guide.


We all love our dogs, but let’s be honest: they are not masters of cleanliness. It would also be difficult to bathe a dog every day and brush its coat intensively. So your dog is a walking habitat for dirt, as best evidenced by the appearance of the floor at the end of the day. No parent would want their child’s bed to look the same, and this is unavoidable if a dog sleeps in it.

Health issues

An allergy sufferer should not sleep with a dog, as after one night of sleeping with it, the allergy symptoms may become significantly worse – not to mention the fact that they will most likely occur at night, preventing your child from sleeping. Sleeping with a dog can be particularly dangerous for an asthmatic. Besides, we must not forget that dogs are carriers of various pathogens, including viruses and bacteria. Although upbringing in a sterile activity is not beneficial either, it should not be exaggerated in either direction. If we have the opportunity to provide hygienic conditions for the child to sleep, it is necessary to do so.

Not getting enough sleep

The dog squirms terribly at night. The sleep of quadrupeds is very shallow, alert, so it is enough for a child such as. will turn from side to side, and the pet will immediately react to this – for example, by barking. In such conditions, there is no way to sleep. Admittedly, both of them „tenants” beds should get used to their presence quite quickly, but before that happens the child will be perpetually sleep-deprived, irritable, may have learning problems, family conflicts, etc.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that a dog invited to a child’s bed can quite quickly try to take over the area. That is to say: he decides that the bed belongs to him and the child starts to be treated as an intruder. Such situations are commonplace and can lead to serious conflicts.