Why your dog is naughty

Why your dog is naughty?

Having a dog? Congratulations, but do you know how to take care of him?
Let’s learn from our canine ancestors.

Basior together with the female, that is wadera take care of order and safety of the herd. They have their own privileges and duties. Wolves lower in the hierarchy show respect and submission to the leader. However, the leader has to maintain his authority, because the younger wolves are watching him and are always ready to fight to keep the pack safe.
Never forget that a dog is a pack animal and will attach itself to its pack, which is your family. Remember also to follow a few important rules, so that you do not lose the position of alpha individual. Maintaining this position is extremely important not only because dogs who feel at the head of the pack can be dangerous to their surroundings, but also because spoiled dogs often can’t cope with the duties which, as leaders, they have to take over. Dogs who think of themselves as alpha become fearful or very confident and aggressive, hyperactive, overly barking, always making attack or flight decisions in the face of danger (which could be a child running up to you for a hug!). In fact, most of the problems with our dogs are due to inadequate hierarhi in the family, so let’s learn from the ancestors of the dog. But you should never exaggerate in the other direction, you should first of all build positive, strong bonds.

1. The leader of the wolf pack always eats first, so we always feed the dog only after our meal, even a small bite chewed by a human is enough before giving the dog a bowl.

2. Do not feed your dog at the table – this may prevent it from begging for food, which is a very unpleasant and difficult to unlearn habit of a dog. Remember that a bowl is a reliable tool of education, we feed a dog at the same time and in the same place and before giving a meal it is best to give a learned command to a dog.

3. If you do not want your dog to enter e.g. go into the bedroom and lie on the bed, NEVER let him do that and enforce obedience. You can allow your dog to sleep in the bed, but you have to decide if you really want it, because if your dog is already used to it, it will be very difficult to unlearn.

4. If you have a dog with a dominant character, or an adult dog whose character you do not know, DO NOT LET YOUR DOG SLEEP IN BED, the leader of the wolf pack does not share his bed with anyone. If you want to share a bed with a dog, choose another place which will be only yours and the dog will not have access to it (e.g. bathroom, kitchen)

5. You decide when to play with your dog if your dog is bothering you, e.g. with a ball in his mouth, ignore him, start playing when he is busy with something else. 6. Ignoring your dog is an effective method for e.g. to stop a puppy barking for attention.

7. The pack leader decides the direction of the walk and should be the first to appear in the aisle, remember not to let the dog go ahead when going through the door.

8. Don’t avoid the dog by walking over or past it – the dog should move over.

9. You should teach your dog to stay alone in the house, in another room, in the car or in a strange place, it is easier to live with a dog that does not squeal terribly when left alone.

10. Allow other people in the family to feed the dog – even if it’s supposed to be your defense dog, it can always happen that we have to leave the dog with the family for a few days, it’s better that he doesn’t refuse to eat.

11. We accustom the dog to grooming and touching, an inaccessible dog is a dangerous dog.

12. NEVER leave the dog alone, e.g. in the pen or in the garden, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our dog needs to trust us so we can trust him.